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Welcome to TREE OF LIGHT

You are the tree of light. Your body is the sacred temple that holds and illuminates the light’s energy.


Intuitive energy healing through the movement of universal energy, Reiki healing and crystal healing recognizes the bodies imbalances, releases accumulated tension, pain and old energy patterns. Intuitive energy healing is a process of a wide range of techniques to facilitate holistic healing that stimulates the individual’s, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. This will deepen your potential to return you to the fulfilling life you want and deserve.

About us

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website My name is Sally Caplan. I am an ordained Reverend and Healer under the order of Melchizedek by the World Light Fellowship and quantum energy healer for 23 years; intuitive Energy Healer and certified in the therapies of Reiki healing, as
a Reiki Master/Karuna Master, and in the energies of Sacred Geometry.


Intuitive Healing allowing the movement of universal energy, Reiki/Karuna healing through the laying of hands, and breath.


This process of healing allows me to see, feel and shift energy blockages inside the body that are connected to a life issue, past trauma, or creating a restriction in the flow of the life force known as PRANA, or CHI from a place of love and compassion.


I will introduce you to a wide range of techniques to facilitate holistic healing that stimulates the individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual growth. This will deepen your potential to return to wholeness, your inheritance right.
This type of healing will:


– Take the stress out of your life
– Time to nurture yourself
– Balance your life
– Be connected to yourself and your full potential


My services include intuitive energy healing, Reiki and Karuna healing, qigong healing, aura/chakra clearing and balancing through light, color and sound; meditations, reiki circles, counseling, angel guidance, distant healings, prayers and Psychic surgery on the auric field.


Other Services include teaching workshops to become Reiki/Karuna Masters and or practitioners, crystal healing workshops, and angel guidance to become practitioners, and teaching the arts of intuitive energy healing modalities Aromatherapy of synergy essential oils for healing.


By integrating and moving deep energy within your system, you are given wholeness for healing. Filled with light, you become a tree. Stretch yourself fully in earth and sky; your routes and branches support you in new and expanding paths.


You will experience

– Energy replenishment
– Healing from loss of grief
– Stress Reduction
– Pain Reduction
– Deep Sleep
– Distant Healing


Sessions will start with a discussion on your medical history to develop understanding of the underlying causes and issuesof what we would like to accomplish in these sessions, These sessions last from 40 to 60 minutes or as needed individually. For best results, I advise three sessions in the first two weeks. These sessions cost $100 each, and the third one is free of charge. These three sessions will develop and identify the necessary actions to pursue that will put you on the path to resolving and restoring your energy levels. I begin by scanning the body, looking for blocked areas. We proceed to go on a visual journey diluting and releasing blockages on our path. You will transform all energy patterns into a place of lightness and clarity while entering into a healthier, physical, and emotional state of being. Sessions are giving in Spanish and English. They are also given on a one time basis when energy flow is low or experience any discomfort. I also give sessions in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and hospice providing institutions allow it.


Disclaimer: Sally is an alternative energy healer, not a licensed medical doctor. This healing is a compliment to medical treatment and should be used as such. She does not claim to diagnose and cure any disease or problem, but simply uses energy and intuition to speed up the natural healing process. She hopes for a healthy outcome but does not promess it. Please do not discontinue any medical treatments without the advise of your doctor.

Free Consultations are available over the phone!

For a Free Consultation Call Sally Caplan

(305) 778-2891

or e-mail

se habla español



One Hour Session

Three  Sessions

Distant Healing
It will be given by appointment, with given date and time.

First 15 minutes

Distant healing can be given  at a time of need by paying ahead of time. Email me an it will be given to you as soon as I email you back. In the email I will give you instructions.
One hour $50.00

Distant healing can be given  at a time of need by paying ahead of time. Email me an it will be given to you as soon as I email you back. In the email I will give you instructions.
Half an hour $25.00

5 Distant healings one hour session

Reiki Master and ART

Karuna Workshop
3 Levels
$250.00 per level. Third  level becoming Karuna Master. Levels will be given one at a time.

Angel Guidance Workshop - two day workshop

Crystal Healing-Hands on experience

Sound and Color Workshop/Experiential

Symbology of Disease Workshop/hands on experience

Auric Field Workshop/Experiential

Prayers can be asked by email. They are free. As a Reverend I give prayers on a daily basis from a  distance.

Reiki Workshops
Level 1 & 2  given in two days . Email me for appointments

Crystal REiki Master workshop


$15.00 A BOTTLE

All workshops are by appointment.

Anybody interested email me or phone me. Once the workshop is scheduled you can make the payment.

E-mail:, Phone:(305) 778-2891

Who are the Ascended Masters? These are highly evolved beings who have mastered the lessons of their planet or universe and have ascended. Many of those known to us have mastered the spiritual laws of this plane of existence and become Ascended Masters on Earth. However more Masters are approaching our planet now to assist with our ascension who have never incarnated here but have evolved in other Universes. One of these is Kumeka, my guide, who originally assisted in the inner planes with the setting up of Golden Atlantis. Another is Fekorm, Master of Music, who has come here now to help us, having studied every form of music and sound there has ever been.

The Spiritual HierarchyThere have been new appointments and changes in the spiritual hierarchy. Those that have been announced to us on the Earth are included below. More information can be found in New Light on Ascension. Here is the team, which is leading the planet forward into the Golden Age of Aquarius.


Lord Maitreya
Lord Maitreya is now Lord of the World, responsible not just for Earth but other star systems. He is the head of the White Brotherhood and Order of Melchizedek. As overlord for the entire solar system, he is here to steer us through the Age of Aquarius. He holds the Christ Light and you can call on him to help you access it. As the world leader he wants us to feel the heart beat of pure love from God and to spread it.Past lives include Gautama Buddha and Krishna.Etheric retreats are the Cave of a Thousand Buddha’s in China near Dunwan, the Silk Road in Lanchow and the Confucius Temple in Taiwan.


Lord Kuthumi
Lord Kuthumi is the World Teacher and Head of the Schools of Learning in the inner planes,. He was a founder member of the Knights Templar, who kept ancient esoteric secrets and protected the pilgrims. As Pythagoras he introduced sacred geometry, numerology, mathematics and the music of the spheres to the world and also formed a mystery school for the Great White Brotherhood. As St Francis of Assisi he demonstrated harmlessness and love to all creatures. As Shah Jahan, he built the Taj Mahal as an offering of perfect love to his wife. He was John the Beloved, Balthazar, the Wise Man who divined the birthplace of Jesus and Tutmoses 111 of Egypt.He is the Doorkeeper of the ancient occult mysteries. He is co-protector with Archangel Michael of the holy grail, which is the mystical quest of self understanding and mastery. He is the Hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, those who take on the burdens of the world. The six pointed star of David is his symbol, bringing perfect balance of mind, body and relationships.He is working with souls who can connect to the cosmic heart so that they can heal others.


Jesus / Sananda
esus was the Chohan of the sixth ray and is still co-sharing the position of World Teacher with Lord Kuthumi, during a hand over period. He is also working beside Lord Maitreya as Overlord for the planet. He is known as Sananda in the inner planes and is one of twelve sons\daughters of God and the only one to incarnate on our planet.In his lifetime as Jesus he was an Essene and became a high priest in the Order of Melchizedek. He was specifically prepared before birth and during his lifetime to become the Christ of the Age. When he was ready to take in the energy of the cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya worked through him. He originated from Venus with no karma to resolve.Previous incarnations - Adam, Enoch, Jeshua, Joshua, Elijah and Joseph of Egypt. He also reincarnated as Apollonius of Tyana, a great Master continuing to teach Divine Laws. His life as Jesus was the only one in which the entire soul energy came to Earth.


St Germain
St Germain was the Chohan of the seventh ray, the violet ray, who brought to us the Violet Flame of purification. He is teaching healers to work with the violet flame and to understand its use with sacred geometry. This can bring balance to the enlightened and unsettle those in the dark. He is now the Lord of Civilization. The part of him that incarnated as Rakoczy has recently taken over Mastery of the 11th ray.
Previous incarnations - Samuel the prophet, Lao-Tze, the Chinese philosopher, Joseph of Nazareth, St Alban, Proclus the Greek philosopher, Merlin the Magician, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, Rakoczy. As Christian Rosenkreutz he founded the order of the Rosy Cross, which later became the Rosicrucians.
St Germain in his Atlantean life.


Dwjhal Kuhl
Dwjhal Kuhl is still working closely with Lord Kuthumi as his deputy. Known as the Messenger of the Masters he teaches many of the pupils of the Great Masters. He works with the Angels of Healing and helps those who channel healing. He is a member of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe. He is often called The Tibetan Master. It was Dwjhal Kuhl who channelled much esoteric wisdom through Alice Bailey and Madam Blavatsky. 
Dwhal Kuhl says you cannot be a true healer until your energy is attuned to the cosmos and you raise the energy of the soul you are healing to the level of the cosmic heart. This is essential for all fifth dimensional beings who need healing.
Past lives: He was one of the three Wise Men, Casper, who attended the birth of Jesus and Johann Sebastian Bach.


Mother Mary
Known as the Queen of the Angels, Mother Mary is a great Universal Angel. She is the twin flame of Archangel Raphael. She is working with the team of Illumined Ones to re-empower women and bring back the divine feminine wisdom to Earth.
Past lives: She has never incarnated but overlit Isis who was the first initiate of Lemuria and developed the Lemurian Mystery School. Again she overlit Isis, the High Priestess of Atlantis, who gave virgin birth to Horus. Isis took the name Mary when she became the mother of Jesus, who was the Christ of his time and was once again overlit by the Universal Angel, Mary.


Teresa of Avila
Her role is to promote a new understanding of theology, which will release dogmatic religions and bring back an awareness of Oneness.
St Catherine of Sienna
St Catherine of Sienna is working with the Illumined Ones to stimulate the spiritual light within humanity.Past lives: Joan of Arc and Helena Blavatsky, who brought Theosophy to the world.


St Clare
St Clare is bringing greater spiritual awareness to humanity.During her term in office she will incarnate so that she can to report back to Lord Kuthumi on the progress there has been in spiritual awareness. This will enable the spiritual realms to adjust the help they give us.She was the founder of the Order of Poor Clares, those who dedicated themselves to a non material life, serving those in need. She has had past lives but none that we would recognize.


El Morya
El Morya is the Chohan of the first ray, encouraging people to use divine will rather than lower will. He works closely with Archangel Michael. He is working to help all on Earth during this massive time of change. He is a member of the White brotherhood and originates from Mercury. He is shortly to become The Manu, which means perfect man. It is a major role for it is on the qualities and characteristics of The Manu that the new root race of humanity, the sixth root race, will be based after 2032.El Morya introduced the concept of baptism when he recognised the cosmic power of water to transmute lower vibrations. With Lord Kuthumi he influenced Madam Blavatsky with her writings and to develop the Theosophical Society.Past lives: As Abraham he shaped the early Semite races and has subsequently influenced their evolution. At the fall of Atlantis he established the Mesopotamian civilisation. He has also helped to develop the Islamic faith and its art. He was Melchior, one of the Three Wise Men, Akbar the Great, King Solomon and King Arthur.


Lanto, the great Chinese philosopher, has become Master of the second ray, of love and wisdom, helping people to convey Truth unselfishly and wisely. He lived about 400 BC and developed unconditional love to such an extent that golden light shone from his heart centre. In recent times, until he took over the second ray he oversaw the operation of one of Earth’s twin planets, Metatron, which is more evolved than we are.


Paul the Venetian
Has moved position to become the Chohan of the third ray, the ray of intelligence and creative activity.He helps to trigger science, wisdom and practical knowledge and also assists people to create artistic works of lasting benefit to mankind.It is Master Paul who is bringing forward more gentle pastel shades, which carry higher frequencies.He inspired Chopin to compose music to uplift the spirit and Mahler to compose music, which frees the soul. In his life as Paulo Veronese, the painter, during the Renaissance, he brought through divine energy in glorious colours.Picture by Anne Vintner


Serapis Bey
Has moved to the position of Chohan of the fourth ray, the ray of harmony and balance. His new role is to establish higher healing in medicine, including using sound waves and lasers. He will also encourage Aquarian Age thinking and learning.He originated from Venus and is the only Master to work with the Seraphim.He has an ascension chamber in Luxor and is known as The Egyptian. He worked with the angels to influence the building of the Pyramids.Past lives: He was a great priest Avatar in Atlantis and Keeper of the White Flame. He was Solomon and Zoroaster. In Egyptian incarnations he was Akhenaton IV, the Pharaoh who protected and reorganised the Great White Brotherhood and also established new rules for it. He was also the Pharaoh Amenophis. He built the temple of Thebes.


Remains for the time being as Chohan of the fifth ray, the ray of science, wisdom and knowledge. He works to stimulate an understanding of practical science and technology as well as occult knowledge for the New Age. He helps those who wish to become higher channels and clairvoyants.Past lives: He worked in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis and established the Oracle of Delphi in Greece. He was Paul the Apostle.He is also the negotiator on Earth on the Council of Saturn, the capital of our solar system, so that we remain connected to our Spiritual journey.
Mary Magdelene
Has taken over from Jesus as master of the sixth ray. Her task is to transform dogmatic religious thinking so that people can truly connect to God. She has also been training in the inner planes to work with healing.


Lady Nada
Lady Nada has taken over mastery of the seventh ray from St. Germain. This is the ray of ritual, ceremony and magic and is the ray for the Age of Aquarius. She is awakening memories of ancient healing techniques and sacred wisdom and helping people of integrity to develop intuition and the higher psychic energies.
Nada means ‘nothing’, meaning without ego.Lady Nada still sits on the board of the Lords of Karma. However this is under review.Past lives: Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. She also promoted Islamic art at the time of the Prophet Mohammed.


The New Master Rays have returned to Earth!
The divine has started to allow some of the master ray energy through again to be used for the benefit of everyone.


Kumeka Lord of Light, is the master of the 8 th ray of deep transmutation, which is blue topaz. He came from another Universe to this one to bring about great change in the New Age on Earth. Originally his only channels were Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton, who are from the same monad as each other. Now he can work through millions of people at one time, though Diana remains his principal channels.


Vosloo Is the Master of the ninth ray of harmony, which aims to balance the mind and spirit of humanity. He understands Atlantis and what went wrong and is dedicated to ensuring that this time we do not make the same mistakes.


Lord Gautama
Lord Gautama Heads the tenth ray, which enables people to find their practical purpose in life. He was a man of such purity that he became the Buddha and this ray, which is citrine, carries the Buddha energies. Siddhartha Gautama was the son of an Emperor and he renounced all riches to seek his truth. In deep meditation he became the Buddha at the full moon in 544BC, which is now known as the Wesak moon. He became the embodiment of wisdom and taught the middle path. Previous incarnations - Orpheus, founder of the Greek mystery school. Thoth.


Rakoczy is the Master of the 11 th ray, the deep emerald ray of clarity, mysticism and healing. He was an incarnation of St. Germain. Rakoczy worked for the betterment of international affairs and endeavoured to eliminate bigotry in the religions. Among other things he will be helping humanity to accept the higher energies now available. He radiates huge power from his heart centre.


Quan Yin
Quan Yin, who is the eastern counterpart of Mother Mary, is the Master of the 12th ray, which is cerise pink, carrying unconditional love and the divine feminine energy. With Mother Mary her task is to re-empower women in the New Age and to bring forward the feminine wisdom within men. She currently represents the sixth ray on the Karmic Board but this is under review. She is the Goddess of Mercy and embodies the Tara energy.
Previous incarnations - She had a 1000 year incarnation in China where she was worshipped as a Goddess.



Master Fekorm is a universal expert on every form of music, including that of the ancient civilizations of Earth. He is here to bring back an understanding of the importance of sound and rhythm to healing and to help us unlock the keys to the universe. He does not have a specific retreat on Earth but his energy is stronger in the mountains and in Hollow Earth.


Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos, apparently the greatest of the Avatars. He is the God of this Universe and He oversees ascension initiations in the inner planes.He has an Ascension seat in Shambhalla, over Gobi Desert, where you may ask to go in meditation or sleep. He has now returned from his planet of origin, Venus, but will continue to work with you if you ask.


Babaji is the immortal master of the Himalayas, known as the deathless avatar. He was initiated into Kriya Yoga and became the greatest Siddha or Perfected Master ever known. After ascension he promised to stay in his physical body to help all humanity and still appears to groups of disciples. Yogananda writes about him in Autobiography of a Yogi. It is said that you only have to say his name with reverence and you directly attract a blessing from him.


Commander Ashtar
Evolved on the planets Venus and Ashtar. He is the commander of the intergalactic fleet, in charge of the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood and represents this solar system in the council meetings of this galaxy and the universes.He works closely with the angels and with Sananda in an effort to turn humans from warlike thinking to peace.His fleet is also working to protect Earth from the influence of negative extraterrestrials.


Yogananda Paramahansa
Yogananda was an Indian yogi, who went to America at Babaji's request in 1920. There he founded the Self Realization Fellowship and introduced krija yoga to the west.His book Autobiography of a Yogi is inspirational and informative.


Krishna and Radha
Lord Krishna is one of the great avatars of Hinduism. He is the Eastern equivalent of the Christ. He lived in 5000 BC and was Lord Maitreya in a past life. Radha is his consort. This picture represents relationship at the highest spiritual level, the perfectly balanced masculine and feminine. It is a wonderful picture to place in the relationship corner of your home if you wish to attract your divine right partner or add higher possibilities to your current partnership.


Melchizedek is an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of Melchizedek. This brotherhood organizes the Mystery School, which holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, and is working to establish heaven on Earth. Jesus was a high priest in the Order of Melchizedek. All humans belong at some level to this order.


Lady Portia
Lady Portia is one of the Lords of Karma. She holds the balance of mercy and judgment. She helps those who want to balance heart and head. She will also help those who judge and criticise others from the lower mind to raise their energy to their heart centre and be loving towards themselves and others. You may apply in meditation to the Lords of Karma for release of personal or collective karma. If you do this, ask if karma may be released on every level - physical, mental emotional and spiritual, in every dimension and in every reality and universe. Lady Portia is one who frequently offers grace

Allow yourself to see auras thru your third eye; the moment you start asking what’s that? You enter into thinking and cuts off sight.


Perceive without wondering what it is. Suspend judgment as long as your session is over. Some people have more facility in seeing auras in things, objects and then expand it to people. Sky light comes thru the aura of the tree and is darker than the sky. See if you see the aura of the tree and then look at the sky and the color becomes darker.


First, we perceive something like blue and be open to let see more colors. First we see the primary colors blue, yellow. Then your will start seeing other colors like green, red, purple.


You can select me, or anybody else, look at their background and focus on my front and then soften it, try and broaden the peripheral vision and try to see the overall, expand your vision around the body, focusing in just one focal plane and see somethingness. You can practice at the airports looking at the back of the person, or people are walking by or moving and see around them. When they are moving they are generating more energy.


Grab yourself a partner: Grab your hands briskly, shake out the heat off, start moving your hands a couple of feet apart get them closer and perceive what you feel. . One partner stands and the other sits. One person finds a neutral spot of your partner’s head between the crown and third eye and try to perceive a buzzing. With both hands scan the head all around with your eyes open, you will feel a tingling and try to see also. Feel and see at the same time. Reverse roles and start scanning, feel and see. Try to feel at the edge and also see. As you do it, you become more sensitive. You can use a brushing motion, or bouncing.


The people being scanned, try to see the other people’s aura or the healers aura. The scanned people will see an aura faster. Stay with your partner. The scanned person is only going to see. Eventually we combined both at the same time feeling and seeing.


Aura Pumping: Stand up; come up on your tip toes, breath in, breath out (4). Scan your partner one more time. See if you feel and see more. Scanned people while being scanned watch other people’s aura. A person with a neutral, color or light background will be easy to be seen. Try to see a texture, density close to the edge. Switch roles.


When you are finished, sit down.
Brain Balancing: Partner up with people who have done brain balancing. Brain balancing person will do it first. One standing, one sitting. Scan the head and shoulder and look. Find the brain balancing point on ear lobe attached to head and go two fingers above it. Bring energy from the ground to your feet, thru one arm thru your fingers eyes open. When your start feeling the energy in your hand, go to the other hand and send energy, touching the head. Reverse the flow on one direction then reverse it until you have the energy going from one point to the other one.
Keep energy coming thru your legs as you do this. The healer will be balanced as she does it. When you are finished put your hands on the side. Patients see if this brain balancing has made it easy to see it. See the hands, between the hands, edge. etc. Now discuss what happened with your partner. It’s like ping pong. Don’t switch right away, because the balancer has been brain balanced to. So let the brains rest. Have a sit for now.


Brain balancing is a technique most basic and most advanced. It started with epileptics. You can brain balance anything in the body. Shoulder problems, stroke, flushing kidneys, flushing liver, joints until you get a clear signal thru brain, knees, shoulders. You are redistributing the energy and amplified energy from somebody else. People report that the sight and hearing is more sensitive.


Neutral or dark color is easy to see against those colors. Human aura changes with every thought the healer and helee have. It goes out and comes in. We see something and we discard the data and start thinking. If you see something acknowledge what your see and reward yourself. Sparkles, stripes is pathology. It’s energy leaking out. Later you have to be discerning and that comes with lots, lots of practice. Thousands of aura seeing. Healers watch when you scan. See if you can find the edge of what you are feeling.